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Multi Region DVD Players

Looking for a quality inexpensive region free DVD player?  We have the region free DVD player for you.  For the best picture quality, we have progressive scan and upconverting DVD players.  For DivX movie watchers, all our players play DivX (including those with GMC, QPEL)!  Also, check out our multi region portable DVD player so you can watch movies anywhere!  We compare DVD players to our competitors to give you the best price.  Questions about DVD players?  Check out our DVD Players FAQ.

Multi Region:

  • All our DVD players are multi region (play DVDs from any region), multi voltage (can be used anywhere in the world), and multi TV (compatible with both NTSC and PAL).

Secure Payment & Shipping:

  • Secure online shopping with paypal and shipping through Canada Post or FedEx!  We always provide tracking numbers and players will be shipped the next business day.

Tested Products:

  • We use DivXTest to test our dvd players before selling!
  • Each player is tested by our employees before being sent to minimize the number of defective products!

New Products:

Last Updated April 3, 2014

iView SC-33 DVD Player

iView SC-33 DVD PlayerRegion free DVD player with USB that plays DivX. Includes microphone.
CAD $89.99
CAD $59.99

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iView SC-31 DVD Player with HDMI Cable

iView SC-31 DVD Player with HDMI CableUpconverting region free DVD Player (1080p) with USB and card reader that plays DivX. Includes HDMI cable and microphone.
CAD $109.99
CAD $69.99

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iView SC-31 DVD Player with HDMI Cable

iView SC-31 DVD Player with HDMI Cable

CAD $109.99
CAD $69.99
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